chingford shower repairs

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Chingford shower repairs specialises in all domestic shower repairs and installation from leaks to intermittent hot and cold water temperatures problems to hard to turn shower controls to leaking shower trays and lose tiling causing leaks and damp appearing. we have been repairing showers for 10 years and are very knowledgeable in repairing showers.

Common faults with showers controls

most common faults the showers are intermittent temperatures to your water this can be either too cold with no heat at all or too hot with no cold or simply loop worm shower this is mainly a simple fix of changing the cartridge or thermostat in your shower controls all of witch we can source and replace for you

Leaking showers

this is usually the seal around the shower can sometime come away from the shower tray or tiles causing it to let water pass through and causing a leak, simple fix is to remove old shower seal and replace with new seal correctly with mold resistant silicon, also another common fault that may occur to your shower  is the trap may be leaking or poorly installed shower trays all of witch we can accommodate.