Here are the list of plumbing services that we cover, if your job is not listed below please contact us to see if we cover your plumbing issue.

Plumbing Maintenance
£50 per hour plus parts
Toilet Repairs
Shower repairs
Over flows
Ball Valves
Tap repairs
Tap replacements
Bath waste repairs
Basin waste repairs
Bath & shower reseal
washing machine replacements
dishwasher replacements
Other Plumbing we cover
£60 per hour plus parts
Small blockages
Toilet Installation
Bath Installation
Basin Installation
Garden tap installation
Electric shower replacements
washing machine / dishwasher installations
Shower pump replacement
Shower Cartridge replacement
Plumbing and Heating
£60 per hour plus parts
Hot water tanks repairs
Water tank repairs
Diverter valves replacement
Hot water elements
Heating pump replacement
Radiator repairs